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Next week Koolsail starts, a festival based on the area heritage in the land of thousand lakes. Take a look on www.koolsail.nl and visit our region. Maybe, just maybe I will write something about that happening. J
Floor & Eef

Kids on board

OK next week our grand kiddies coming aboard. They will have to row in the dinghy and sleep when granddad or grandma wants. Is that fun!! For us it is and for Floor & Eef too (I think). Now, let’s hope for the best weather and a lot of wind so the muscels of these 2 can grow!


Port Broekhorn

Cees and Nel are the Port Masters of the week. One new problem is reported to the Port masters. The nice towers for electricity don’t recognize the card. Well it is good to know before Koolsail is started! Cees will handle that kind of problems and he is the best! And it seems to be solved… all it needs is a reset of the money, i.e. use all of it and then try again.



Silver Lining

We did discover a new project for this end of year or 2016. Our mast is not healthy anymore and should be replaced by another one. I tried mouth-to-mouth breathing but for this season it’s ok. Next year I want another one.  RVS, white, electrical and place for options. For this year, we did some make-up, it’s looking nice and no one knows. I will ask Linssen to think with me and something nice will follow I think.


Dutch flag over the arm!
On Thursday we’re early on board to do some work, but… Ank did make a double Rietberger and break her wrist. So we went to the hospital and spent there some hours.
Plans are going to change, that’s for sure. And in what way, we don’t know! So the Thursday we did nothing on board and all is still waiting for a next day. Next Friday we will know more.
For the time being our trip, to start next week is cancelled and we are looking to new alternatives and plans!

Cleaning & Polishing the Silver Lining

Doing the cleansing work I can see all the spot that our yacht painter forget and not painted well. When I am cleaning these spots, it’s making me disappointed. But most of all, he don’t wants to pick up the pieces.
On Monday Ank is coming with me to clean the inside of the Silver Lining so I can do the outside. Some painting and if the outside is clean..then polishing Wow that’s my hobby )-: But a happy shining Linssen is always more beautiful than a dirty one J. And I can install the original Sturdy-stickers I received from Yvonne Linssen. Great service over there, I assure you that much.
Tuesday I cleaned the davits, they are shining. Maybe Wednesday I will paint the holding in the original blue colour and when that’s dry we can install all of it.
Belgium Toervaarders

Coming up in these days

From the Belgium Toervaarders I did receive a membership card and a flag to show. If we are in Belgium, a lot of ports are joining the initiative of  Toervaarders to make sailing more fun. In the ports we can stay one night for 50% of the usual fee and sometimes for two nights.

In the meantime Yachtcontrol is expected before April 24.

Still waiting for…

Rifkin for an offer I cannot refuse
Yachtcontrol to reinstall some equipment and 2 computers

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