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The week that Koolsail starts at Thursday, a festival based on the area heritage in the land of thousand islands. Take a look on www.koolsail.nl and visit our region and enjoy everything, even the weather.

Monday, Sunny Monday

Today, Monday, I was working on my knees, very humble to our Linssen don’t you think? When I looked up I saw rust coming up. Oh dear. Another job to finish. I think that the earlier owners of our ship did get some damage because this is the third spot I notice a repair on the steel hull. Now it is clean of rust and tomorrow we paint some 2-components primer. And that should be enough to stop the rust. After that we can pick up the blue paint again to finish the job. And at the end of the week it is almost finished. Next week I will install the RVS-plate on the deck.

New Motorboot article to come

Ok the new article will come.  Week 9 I can make the final corrections and after that it is placed in the Motorboot Magazine. This article is about our trip from Oranienburg to Poland and the Peene and of course back. Oranienburg is the place of the Oranjes in our kingdom, but also, next door, the concentration camp Sachsenhausen. But we leave from Oranienburg to the Finow Canal, to Poland and the Peene and back. Maybe you like it. Make sure to get it!

Cleaning & Polishing the Silver Lining

We have to polish the Linssen Sturdy, but we are a little shorthanded. So, it takes a little longer as planned.



Coming up in these days

More visits to the hospital.
In the meantime I notice a lot of visitors from Russia and the USA. I don’t know anyone over there. It’s more the Russian spy and I and Uncle Sam are watching us. And of course Google, they know all about you.
And…from next week I will take you with us in the sailing season. From that moment, the blog will be in the Dutch language again. Otherwise I will need to type it twice to service our Dutch readers. I am not doing that because I think it is boring J So if you cannot read it, just let me know or take a Fast Course Dutch so you can follow us.
The master plan was to be there on Thursday to visit the Koolsail. Because of different impacts we did not find the time to get there. For Friday the first plan is to visit the hospital and doing some shopping. After that I want to go on board to finish some things.

Our trip

Our first trip is postponed and maybe we will do the first and second trip in one time. Our new starting date is somewhere in July. We will visit the Linssen Boat show on Friday May 8. till Monday May 11. by car. More information  http://www.linssenyachts.com/

Still waiting for…

Rifkin for an offer I cannot refuse.
May 6. Yachtcontrol is visiting us.

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