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Considering if we buy a new book about the Waddenzee. The basics are not changed but the government and the people are. Fact is the Waddenzee is always changing! Something to take serious guys! There is a new book from Hollandia and it’s called Handboek varen op de Waddenzee  or maybe the book the Vaarwijzer Waddenzee, a little bit older but… ? Well maybe for my birthday in May J Because of the addiction for water sports and what we like I need to know! That’s me folks!
Dry feet!
But on Thursday we have the course! With about 20 enthusiastic people, Tjerk Rodenhuis is starting with the theory of the Waddenzee sailing. Most of the story it is known, but the small tips and things to remember are great! Next week part 2. At that time we are making a course from Terschelling to Ameland an we will meet a Wantij.


Rifkin / Covery Sail
Thursday he will be there. Having a look to our boat and with his advice. I think we did well and we know what we want.
Oh yeah, Patrick was right at time. We did talked about 90 minutes. We are coming close, but first we need to know at which costs. By the right price he make a cover for our little boat too. So all the deck tents are ready in one time.

Volvo Engine

On Tuesday I picked up the gasket parts so we can make progress. A lot of bolts  are waiting for me. After de-install the inlet and outlet gauges and maybe the fuel main pump the cylinder head must be free to change the gasket, I hope. I’m a little nervous about the rest of the process. Do I really want this? Can I do it? It’s a long time ago that I did things like that. Started at 15 years old and stopped at 21. JBut it was a great time!
Now, on Friday the 13th the cylinder head is removed and is waiting to be cleaned up. The old gasket was damaged, that’s for sure. And because  I do have some free space in the engine room I will start to clean the engine and the surrounding, before the cylinder head is placed.
Next week the cleaning process starts! J

Coming up

On the radio I heard a program about Louis van Gaal and his words to the Manchester Press. I like that Louis!! I will do the same. It can be fun!!!!! Let’s teach those guys a real lesson in Dutchie style 🙂

Workshop weather

We will attend to a LOG (Linssen Owners Group) event to learn more about the daily weather.


We want 1 or 2 sun panels to feed our batteries. Let’s go for it! Next week it will be installed.


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