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Things to do!

Work to do

Today, Tuesday, I cleaned up the mess I made during the winter. I did put 30 litres or more of fresh water through the boat and tried to cover everything. Wow… I am jealous about that Chinese circus snake women. I need one to get in the small corners.
After that, in next winter, I will need one or two girls to renew the old water pipes for cold/warm water. Where can I buy or rent such snake women? J
And I cleaned the engine too where the cylinder head must be placed. I removed all the rests of the old gasket so it will fit perfect! Anyway, I think another hour work tomorrow and then Wytze Aquasolar can do his trick to get the sun glows!

Small world!


Today the sun has to shine whole day long. But something went wrong. It’s a small world today and cold. I don’t like that, today we will work inside and outside the ship. Go away fog, smog and more!!!!
But Leen, the Port Master these days, is cleaning the shit that the ducks left behind! Every day he is busy with that shit! Port Master seems to be a shit job! By the way, we like the duck with whisky food! Did you taste that?





Wednesday, Wytze Feenstra, the technician of Aquasolar, will be present at 9 to install 1 or 2 solar panels on top of the Silver Lining. I will be present at 8 o’clock to make it possible and more important to make some coffee for that guy! First coffee; then get the job done! That’s the right thing to do! At 13:00 hour he was finished en despite of the fog the panels are loading the batteries.
I am very satisfied with Aquasolar (Lieuwe Dijkstra) and his crew.



Just heard that Peter de Graaf is ready to go. He is getting better of his sickness (influenza). On Wednesday he will be there around 10:30 to mall the deck for the Permateek solution. I like that kind of progress! Between mall and install 1 or 2 weeks! Great! Let’s hope for a lot of shiny days!!
Tjerk in action!


We will meet Tjerk Rodenhuis again. Second part of his show to teach us about planning a trip on the Waddenzee. It will be a trip from Terschelling, meeting the Wantij to Ameland. But also other routes where planned.
You can see the difference between people who sailed there before, people who want to make the best of the current and people that trust on the Linssen and when the current is stronger the gas-handle goes more forward! With enough speed you can fall dry every time you want!

1 Watertube left

Volvo Engine

So Friday, after a trip to Beverwijk and after that I can install the cylinder head and with a little luck we can test the engine on leakage, smoke and strange noises. But that will have to wait till next week. I kept one part in reserve that was not there before… The Linssen boat did something wrong I think. By this time the boat should be self-installing I think.
Hmmm. The weather was cold and the sun was gone. The moon was at front of the sun and we could not see anything because of that clouds. Bad performance and the solar panels need more! But then there was light, because the illumination went on.

Gerrit reading our article in Motorboot

Workshop weather

Well Saturday at 16:00 we will know everything about the weather, I think,  because we will be present at Leimuiden at Linssen dealer Kempers Watersport. The workshop was initiated by the Linssen Owners Group (LOG). We have lunch and a drink afterwards so I say the day is perfect! And.. actually we did learn a lot from Gerrit Hiemstra’s practical solutions for the weather forecast learned to read & understand the Bracknell Charts what it is telling us. We do have all the tools aboard but never used. That’s going to change from now!
Thanks a lot to Jos Kempers and crew for the location and hospitality at Leimuiden and thanks Gerrit Hiemstra for the lessons learned! And besides that opportunity we did shake hands to other club members of the Linssen Owners Group!

Coming up in a few days

Read our 2nd story!

Motorboot Magazine

On short notice the April volume of the Motorboat Magazine will be available with our 3rd story of our Elbe adventure. Did you read our 2nd story? Let us know if you like it or not!

Volvo engine

Tuesday or else Friday we have a chance to complete the maintenance on that green one. If that’s so then it’s about time to clean up the Silver Lining and get it ready for our trips.


Well he was so busy this week with all the sunny days. Let’s try this week to get a price.


Maybe, just maybe, if the sun is shining, our new Permateek Multicolor Deck floor can be installed. But after the weather lessons the only chance is Monday… J


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