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After a busy weekend we start this week on Monday. Why? Well it will be a nice day with some sun shining. The rest of the week it is sad weather. And in about 5 weeks the boat should be ready for our trips.
And if we are on a trip this blog is slightly different. That’s because we will let you know the right things to know about sailing with the Silver Lining. J The blog will be in Dutch (sorry foreigners, please take a course J)


This week, the wharf Linssen transported 8 Linssen Yachts to destinies in Europe. Linssen was so kind to produce a movie of the loading of the yachts on the freight liners. For a long time Linssen work together with Van de Weetering Transports, specialized for these kind of jobs

Volvo Engine


Ready to go (almost)
The Volvo is almost ready. Just a little water leakage. Just add some more cooling fluid and then we will see again. And Yes; Tuesday the job is done. Clean up de mess and Friday I will try to start Mr. Volvo. Well Friday I checked the impeller, that was in good condition and after that I did controlled the fuel tubes on leakage. It seems to be all right. So now get the air out of the system and start the engine. All clear.. be sure you are on a safe distance! Yeah Mr. Volvo is running, but not for long. Still air in the tube because of the ball to get it out. Monday we will do that.
As Louis says… New day, new chances. Let’s do it step by step!

Getting the sailing feeling…

Other maintenance and jobs to do and things that happened

The sun was shining so I placed the bimini on deck. It looks a lot better! And Friday after the strong wind I decided to remove it. Placed the seats on deck to get more room inside. And slowly it becomes a Linssen Yacht as it should be. But the wind becomes stronger so I did removed the bimini again. It is just to early! And the rain is coming.

The cover!

Motorboot Magazine nr. 4

Our story!
At Friday the new edition of Motorboot magazine arrived, inside our 3rdand last part of our journey to Germany, Prague and Poland. Make sure you get this item and let us know what you think about it! Later on you will informed about our trip to Poland (Stettin) and the river Peene. As Louis says…keep it in the gates! Do you also wants to receive the Motorboat Magazine in your mailbox? Visis http://www.motorboot.com/!!!!

Some people got it all!!!!

Cleaning & Polishing the Silver Lining

Some people have all the facilities they need to clean an polish the ship. I know one… The ship is in front of the wharf, it is taken out and other people are polishing the outside. I think the inside is done also. Louis says… I saw it and I looked to it. And we…we do the cleaning ourselfs and after the the polishing from a small dinghy all by hand! 🙂

Talk of the mooring site

This week a friendly man with a little dog called me if he could ask me something. Well that’s OK. He did read our articles in Motorboot magazine and noticed the name on our boat. He did sail in Belgium and Germany on places we know. So we talked for an half hour and I gave him our card so he can find us easier and maybe he can advise us of our club members.
On Friday, our district did not get any energy because some ‘not well trained person(s)’ made a mistake in one of the energy high power sites. One million house keepings without energy an so also the Broekhorn Harbour.

Still waiting for…

Rifkin for an offer I cannot refuse
Permateek to install our new deck
Yachtcontrol to reinstall some equipment and 2 computers

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