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The weather

Well it is stormy this week with a lot of rain. So Rifkin and Permateek don’t stand a chance!

Volvo Engine

Cleaning sludge
Removing sludge and water


Still having some troubles with the fuel system, the fuel is alive and kicking and became to sludge, so I went to the store to buy some cleaning products for this zoo.
In the meantime I am cleaning the fuel hoses and filters. It looks there is more water inside then I expected, so all jerry cans on deck! I bought GrotaMar 71 and Bardahl BDC to fight the bacteria’s and to clean up the life style in our fuel tanks.

So today it is Good Friday…let’s hope it is the truth.
I started with checks on the fuel tanks..looks OK, next the Micro Separator…a little but after a few times flushing, it’s ok, next the Vetus fuel filter,

Vetus 1st fuel filter
Volvo fine fuel filter

checked and cleaned and a new one in storage. Next step the Volvo fine fuel filter. That was a mess… So cleaning and reinstalling. Then get the air out of the system, looks OK. Let’s start Mr Volvo. At first..I heard him say…please one time more and the second start it is running. It sounds like music! Hard rock and love songs!

Maybe I hear a valve ticking but I need to  listen again… No problem, I like ticking… So for now the Volvo job is done.


Micro Separator

Leakage from turbo

Need 2 new hoses
I noticed some water / cool fluid in the bilge, not much but I want to know more about it. It seems that 2 hoses from the heat exchanger to the turbo are dried up, so I need to buy 2 new hoses. After installing it should be solved.

Broekhorn Port

On Wednesday there will be a meeting of port masters with a hands-on training for the port card for energy and other things. It’s all new for us so we are trying to find our way. We are making progress that’s for sure!


Cleaning & Polishing the Silver Lining

As soon as it’s possible we will wash and polish the Silver Lining. For this week it is cancelled! We did have real waves in our port!! Not the right time to clean the deck with this wind.

Talk of the mooring site

Talked again to the man with the little dog , nice to know him. And I met Johan from Enkhuizen and he did make a wooden floor inside his salon. Well done! It looks fantastic!
This skipper has forgotten something 🙂
There should be drinking water all along the port…but I noticed there is no tube. Well Kees S. You will need to do something more J. I need water next week to clean our water system.
I don’t understand why the first one is installed and the second is not, the guys and dolls with the bigger boats want/need more drinking water and they need a hose from Broekhorn J
And looking around the new houses that are build grow every day! Nice to see. The plan next to the port is already occupied and people are making it their own homes!
Also Broekhorn Port has 2 places for Campers. I just heard it is allowed to place 4 campers. One night is € 15,00 with a perfect view over the 1000 Islands. A place to be! End of April there will be Koolsail 2015 with a lot of attractions! Check http://www.koolsail.nl/
Good to know: Broekhorn Port cannot accept reservations for ships and campers. First come…. But you can always inform by phone by dialling + 31 – (0) 6 – 372 883 25 and you will be connected to the Port Master.

Next week coming up!

I will have to buy new tubes for the turbo cooling leakage and install the new tubes, I want to flush our drinking water tanks and system, install after that new drink water filters. If that’s finished the engine room can be closed and the cleaning starts maybe at Friday.

Still waiting for…

Rifkin for an offer I cannot refuse
Permateek to install our new deck
Yachtcontrol to reinstall some equipment and 2 computers

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