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Extra fences for the kids
What a very nice week to work on the boat. I see throughout the week several boats-owners visiting the Broekhorn port to get things going. Also a lot of material has been delivered to make the port more secure, especially for the kids around. More gates and fences are coming up!
Nice to see how all the things are growing from scratch to a real functioning port! Give us some time and I and my companions promise you will like it! We all are working hard on it!

Heat exchanger tot Turbo hoses

So the hoses are installed on Tuesday but I did destroy the air prop and need a new one.
Katadyn cleaner for drinking systems

Drinking water

Also on Tuesday I flush the water tanks to release the winter fluid. And now there is cleaning stuff in it to clean the tanks and the hoses through the boat. Tomorrow we get to get rid of these stuff an then the tanks should be clean and ready for use.
So Wednesday I tested the water bunkering in our port. I was not so very enthusiastic so the results are send to the responsible persons J, points of our attention!.


Asked one more time to come with a nice price. If no answer I will quit this opportunity.


Before and…
After, with the Permateek

I do expect this guy Friday! Wow I like that! That would be great!Nice guys did a lot of work to get the job done! With a great result. We are happy with that! Now it needs to dry for a couple of days.

Great Job Peter and his extra hands!!

Cleaning & Polishing the Silver Lining

On Wednesday the first cleaning of the white deck is completed. It looks better, now we need to clean this deck for real J. On Thursday I cleaned the deck with shampoo and when it is dry I want to get the paint. And doing so I can see what th people of De Ruiter in the little town Heusden did for a bad job, once again I promise my self to do it better. So if you want to paint your ship, this is one address of painters that cannot paint! As Van Gaal says Prutsers!

Also on Thursday the first painting is done for the deck. Maybe Friday once again. Also I did sand the holders for the dinghy. Next week it should be finished and we can paint it blue.  I did also make adjustments to the rubber plates I received from Rubbermagazijn.nl. It’s ready to install.

At Friday I want to varnish the mast one or two times. Well we will see what’s happening on Friday.  Well it needs a little more than varnishing alone. I sanded the mast and next week I will make it shiny! Hope the weather stays stabile so we can work outside.


Rubber plates for the dinghy

Just received on Wednesday a free sending from Rubbermagazijn.nl. I was looking for two pieces of rubber to place between the boat and the davits. As service they send it free of charge!!! That’s good business and I will name this firm on my favourite shopping list!

Coming up in these days

More sunny days are coming, the summer is knocking at the door, the people look more happy and there is new life all around! Enjoy it friends!
For the new house owners he new garbage place is installed, not mentioned for the port and the ships….

Still waiting for…

Rifkin for an offer I cannot refuse
Yachtcontrol to reinstall some equipment and 2 computers, they promised to do so before April 24.

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